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29.01.2015 09:58

El Niño de las Pinturas Adorning PTS with Graffiti

Raúl, AKA El Niño de las Pinturas, a self-proclaimed "artist who paints on walls out on the streets", is currently painting his graffiti art on the entrance buildings to the underground services and facilities gallery of the Granada Health Science Technological Park (PTS). There are 13 of these buildings in total, or 12 plus 1 for the superstitious amongst us. The underground services tunnel is 3,600 m long, 2.5 m high and 2.5 m wide, and is connected to all of the buildings in the Park, 18 of which are already up and running.

El Niño de las Pinturas hard at work.

El Niño de las Pinturas was assigned the task by the PTS Foundation so that he could add a modern touch to these buildings, located throughout the Park, giving them a more human feel and highlighting the infrastructures that keep each of the centres alive. The PTS boasts a number of state-of-the-art buildings, some of which have won international architecture awards.

Using his collection of professional spray paints, El Niño de las Pinturas is creating works of art that offer an insight into what goes on in the Park's buildings, used for teaching, healthcare, research and business activities specialising in the life and health sciences sector.

El Niño de las Pinturas is no stranger to the area: soon a new bridge will bring the PTS even closer to the Zaidín district where the graffiti artist grew up. "Everything has its own palette of colours. Everyone in the world is different. We will only be happy if we continue to be that way." That's happiness according to El Niño de las Pinturas. Meanwhile, a police patrol looks on, wondering whether or not to approach him and the building he's painting.