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17.12.2015 11:37

Joint Cancer Research

Andalusia's Regional Minister of Finance and Knowledge, Antonio Ramírez de Arellano, and Regional Minister of Health, Aquilino Alonso, attended the opening session of the Biomarkers Conference held this week at the MEDINA Foundation in the Granada Health Science Technological Park (PTS). The focus of the conference, run by MEDINA, is to develop new cancer treatments and drugs. During the opening session, Mr Alonso praised the joint multidisciplinary research carried out by the public health service, academics and specialist companies in order to continue to improve cancer treatments.

Opening session of the conference at the MEDINA Foundation headquarters.

He went on to say that Andalusia has a "strong public health research system" with a strategic framework (renewed until 2018) and legal framework that provides legal guarantees for research in numerous innovative fields. As a result, the region provides the perfect setting for top-quality research based on collaboration between companies, universities and public health facilities.

Aquilino Alonso took the opportunity to stress that Andalusia "will continue to work hard to make R&D&I the driving force behind growth and wealth, especially in those areas that may contribute to increasing the social capital of our autonomous region".

According to Mr Alonso, the research work being done in Andalusia is part of a series of clinical, training and organisational developments carried out within the framework of the region's Comprehensive Oncology Plan. Thanks to those developments, "the region is putting treatments and diagnostic techniques backed by professionals and scientific evidence into clinical practice", whilst also guaranteeing equal access to advanced personalised therapies.