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14.03.2016 10:55

PTS Hospital Opens New Dialysis Unit

The new hospital in the Granada Health Science Technological Park (PTS) has now opened its dialysis facility in its Nephrology Unit. The new dialysis unit is equipped with state-of-the-art monitors, allowing all the latest treatment techniques to be used. The unit will soon be able to treat a total of around 200 patients.

The new dialysis service will be used by around 200 patients.

Dr Antonio Osuna, director of the Nephrology Unit, told the press how the service will work in its new setting in the PTS Hospital. The dialysis service is already being used by more than 60 patients who until now have been receiving treatment in the Licinio de la Fuente specialist medical centre in Granada. The new facilities are modern and highly functional, and more patients will be able to receive their dialysis there in the future.

According to Dr Osuna, patients from state-assisted medical centres will gradually have their dialysis care transferred to the new facility, and those who receive their dialysis at Granada's Clinical Hospital will move to the PTS Hospital in the summer. The dialysis service could then be treating around 200 patients who, in Dr Osuna's words, will receive "the same quality of care as they've been receiving up until now, but in a facility that is more modern and comfortable" for both the patients and the healthcare staff running the service.

As the Andalusian Ministry of Health has announced, the PTS Hospital is sticking to its planned schedule of opening services by certain deadlines and equipping them with the latest technologies. The clinical laboratories were opened first, then the anatomical pathology service and outpatient clinics, and now the dialysis unit.

The transfer of health services to the PTS Hospital has started with the less complex units. The ones that require a greater level of precision, such as the operating theatres, intensive care unit, and accident and emergency department, will follow. Technology company Philips will be supplying all of the hospital's equipment, worth around 78 million euros.