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Atrys Health

Atrys is a biomedical company dedicated to provide diagnostic services and excellence medical treatments. It aims is to facilitate patients with individualized therapy, as well as to develop new therapeutic modalities and diagnostic tools.

Research conducted by the team of Atrys in collaboration with international medical centers of academic excellence has produced results indicating that Single Dose high intensity radiation treatments allow to activate different biological mechanisms for tumor cure that are not activated with conventional radiotherapy.

The company model includes a molecular diagnostic methodology for individual tumor phenotyping that generates information that allows the specialist to identify which clinical approach is more appropriate for each patient and, in particular, to identify those who can benefit from the single-dose stereotactic body radiation therapy (SD-SBRT or Single dose radiotherapy).

Within the diagnostics business other than in the area of oncology, Atrys uses telemedicine to provide its services in the medical specialties of radiology, cardiology, ophthalmology and dermatology, using its own technology platform. This activity benefits Atrys's business relationship with stakeholders in the health sector, in a simmilar manner as in the field of oncology.

Research and Development

Atrys has different areas of complementary activity that are closely interrelated, which include that area of translational research.

The main activity of this area is based in collaborations with public research organizations (PROs), referral hospitals, and / or small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

These multidisciplinary collaborations support the growth in the portfolio of knowledge of the company, at the same time that are possible thanks to the participation of Atrys entire team, enabling the management and development of diverse active research projects.

Atrys has been recognized as an innovative SME (Pyme Innovadora) by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. This seal, created for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), officially recognizes the effort of our company to research and innovate in the medical sector.

Atrys has launched diverse R&D projects in collaboration with leading academic and health centers. All relevant projects on which Atrys has participated are chronologically listed in our web:

Web: www.atryshealth.com. Email: info@atryshealth.com  

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