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BIC Center Granada

BIC in the Technology Park Granada Health Science Center houses the Business Development Support (CADE) of Granada, belonging to the Andalusian Public Foundation Emprende.In Andalusia Emprende develop a wide range of programs targeted at specific groups (youth, women, students of different vocational training and university groups at risk of exclusion ..) and strategic and emerging sectors (technology-based companies, creative-industry cultural, aeronautics, ecologically based initiatives, social projects ...), whose ultimate aim to promote entrepreneurship and business creation and employment in sectors with greater potential for economic and social development.


  • Promotion of culture and entrepreneurship.
  • Supporting the creation and consolidation of companies and jobs.

Achieving the general objectives specified in the following specific objectives:

  • Improve the entrepreneurial capacity of Andalusian society.
  • To improve the social image of entrepreneurs.
  • Facilitate the access of any person, initiative, project or company to public resources to support entrepreneurial activity and employer.
  • Improving the qualifications and professional development of young Andalusian promoting the development of training programs in different levels of education (Primary, Secondary, Vocational Training and University) and work experience in companies.
  • Participate in projects of development cooperation with other countries.
  • Cooperate with other public and private institutions at local, provincial, regional and national levels in the design and implementation of projects and territorial development programs, training plans, dynamic campaigns of entrepreneurship and the promotion of research on subjects of social and economic interest.

CADEs Network offers a wide range of services to help citizens to create or strengthen entrepreneurial businesses and jobs.Among them are:• Information and qualified technical advice: study your project, we analyze the possibilities that may have on the market and help you to create a viable business plan.• Management training basic and advanced.• Tutoring: we accompany you throughout the process, not only in creation but also in the development and help you build your business.• Finding ways of funding: we help you look for investors or businesses with whom you can cooperate to strengthen your market position.

    Accommodation business: we provide space for you to settle and develop your project with technical expertise in building and managing companies, which may Work out any doubt.
    provincial actions to boost the local entrepreneurial culture, adapted to the specific needs of each territory.

    More specifically, the menu of services is grouped into three main sections: research and analysis services. Support services for the creation and enterprise development and employment. Revitalization services.

    Web: www.andaluciaemprende.es

    Email: CADE.GRANADA@andaluciaemprende.es