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PTS Granada, a Reference in Health

PTS Granada is an ideal resource for the creation, implementation and expansion of institutes and companies, which converts knowledge into economic and social development, especially in the Pharmaceutical, Health Sciences, Healthcare and Food industries, making it the first park specialised in health care in Spain and one of very few throughout the world. It integrates teaching, research, patient care and business development for Health and Biomedicine. PTS Granada covers an area of 625,000 m², housing all the infrastructures and facilities devoted to its four main uses: teaching (98,000 m²), health care (120,000 m²), and research and business development (170,000 m²).

Pharmaceutical Development, Biotechnology and Food

PTS Granada is an ideal environment for the development of pharmaceutical, life sciences and food industries. In addition to the setting up of the first industrial plant of the Spanish pharmaceutical company ROVI and the participation of the company PFIZER in the project GENyO, it is also present in the Park the Andalusian Center of Excellence for Research into Innovative Medicines -MEDINA, a collaborative project run by the Andalusian Ministries of Health and Finance, the University of Granada and the pharmaceutical company Merck, Sharp & Dohme (MSD). ROVI, NOVARTIS and FERRER INTERNATIONAL have set up the Alentia Biotech platform, in order to build a flu vaccine production plant.

In the field of e-Health, the Telefónica R+D Center of Excellence specializes in the development of advanced systems, platforms and services to apply ICT to healthcare, and companies like Inves BioFarm, Abbott, Vircell and institutions like the Functional Foods Research and Development Centre (CIDAF) design and develop their implementation.

In the teaching area, the University of Granada plans to invest nearly 200 million euros in the near future. This area is home of the shared facilities of the Central Library, the Main Hall and the General Services Building, as well as the faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

Teaching and health care be reinforced with the University Hospital, a modern building with an area of 110,000 m2, which is set to become a center of reference thanks to its high-tech equipment, excellent healthcare services and efficient management processes.