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20.06.2018 09:05

MEDINA Selected to Join European Research Infrastructure Consortium

The MEDINA Foundation is one of the high-capacity screening centres to join the EU-OPENSCREEN network, which was recently granted the status of European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) by the European Commission. To mark this news, the mayor of Granada, Francisco Cuenca, and the provincial delegate of Andalusia's Regional Ministry of Finance, Innovation, Science and Employment, Juan José Martín Arcos, visited MEDINA's Andalusian Centre of Excellence for Research into Innovative Medicines in the Granada Health Science Technological Park (PTS).

Francisco Cuenca and Juan José Martín Arcos during their visit to the MEDINA Foundation.

ERICs are transnational networks established through a lengthy selection process conducted by EU Member States and the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures.

EU-OPENSCREEN is a new consortium of 24 organisations in seven European countries, including Spain, as well as the European Molecular Biology Laboratory. Coordinated from a central office in Berlin, EU-OPENSCREEN brings together high-capacity screening platforms throughout Europe, with a combined collection of 140,000 commercial compounds.

MEDINA Foundation scientific director Olga Genilloud spoke during the visit, emphasising “the importance of this new infrastructure, as it will help strengthen collaboration with research teams working on cell biology and target validation research, as well as creating enormous opportunities for drug discovery”.

“Belonging to this new research infrastructure doesn't just get Andalusia involved in the leading networks in Europe in this field, but also facilitates the Andalusian research community's access to the main research structures and platforms looking to discover new drugs and many other products of biotechnological value in the fields of food and functional ingredients, cosmetics and bioenergy,” she added.

EU-OPENSCREEN's primary aim is to create a research infrastructure that meets the needs of academic institutions, research organisations, biotechnology companies and the rest of the industry, which need such platforms to make progress in biological chemistry and carry out research into new molecular processes. EU-OPENSCREEN offers access to Europe's leading medicinal chemistry and drug screening platforms, as well as to libraries of compounds required for these studies.