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17.07.2017 08:37

PTS to Head ‘Granada, City of Science and Innovation’ Working Group

Granada was recently named City of Science and Innovation by Spain's central government, and the city's Health Science Technological Park (PTS) will play an active role in the initiative's working groups, which are centred around three main themes: promoting innovative SMEs, innovative municipal management, and science communication and dissemination.

The new ‘Granada, City of Science and Innovation’ logo.

During the second meeting of the science committee, held this week at Granada City Hall, the new City of Science and Innovation logo was unveiled, and the members of the working groups were appointed. These members have been selected to ensure optimum effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed actions.

Granada's new City of Science and Innovation logo is a six-pointed star with an atom in the middle, in Nasrid-style colours. According to the city's mayor, Francisco Cuenca, the logo represents “unity, cooperation and the government's commitment to technology and entrepreneurship".

The managing director of the PTS Foundation, Jesús Quero, said that the strength of the science committee lies in its members, with representatives from “both businesses and public bodies involved in R&D&I". Each working group is made up of members of the science committee and guest collaborators invited to discuss the initiatives put forward. The groups will work in coordination with each other and will meet at least once a month. Their lead spokespersons will also hold bimonthly sessions. The science committee will meet once every three months. Guest collaborators will be people who work for the institutions on the science committee with relevant professional experience.