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Universitary Hospital

The hospital building has been constructed on several floors with a terraced layout. This means that visitors and patients will be able to feel the sunlight coming through the windows no matter where they are in the hospital, and the building does not feel like a closed space. The hospital was built on a platform which incorporates the basement and ground floor. These floors house all of the central hospital services, including the clinical support services, the radiology department and the laboratories. All other patient consultation and in-patient services are found on the floors above this main platform. Each floor has been designed to be an independent sub-hospital. As a result, each level has its own consulting rooms, clinical offices and in-patient services. This means that patients go to the consulting room of a particular speciality, are diagnosed, operated on and admitted if necessary without having to change floors. Each floor has two distinct sections - an out-patient department and a clinical section.

The hospital has 700 bedrooms, 26 operating theatres and 132 consulting rooms. The casualty department will have an emergency room, 22 consulting rooms and 44 observation beds as well as teaching areas, laboratories and experimental operating theatres.

Specialities in the hospital include: Nuclear Medicine, Vascular Surgery, Cardiology, Digestive Medicine, Pulmonology, Radiotherapy and Oncology, Biotechnology, Pathological Anatomy and Radiodiagnosis.

A wide range of outpatient hospitals specialising in Medicine, Oncohaematology, Haemodialysis, Infectious Diseases and Surgical Operations are also available to patients, with 80 consulting and treatment centres throughout the area.
The centre stands out because of its innovative and flexible design, which can be adapted according to the changes in the healthcare industry. Each of its eight floors has consulting rooms, clinical offices and in-patient beds. A heliport on the roof means that patients or organs for transplant can be taken straight to the operating theatres via the lifts which go up to the top floor, avoiding people and vehicles which could hinder their access. The heliport will be the second of its type in Andalusia.

The hospital building, which will cost 110 million euros in building expenses alone, will open its doors in 2014, allowing time for all the equipment to be installed and facilities to be transferred from the current Clinical Hospital.

Address: Health Technology Park.

Avda de la Investigación 2, 18016 Granada. Spain.
Avda del Conocimiento 25, 18016 Granada. Spain.