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Biomedical Research Center (CIBM)

The Biomedical Research Center (CIBM) employs groups of highly qualified researchers and aims to position the autonomous region of Andalusia at the forefront of biomedical reasearch in Europe. Research groups from the following organisations have their headquarters in the CIBM: 

  • Biotechnology Institutehttp://www.ibtugr.es/index.php?idioma=en: It has produced more than 856 international publications and has registered 14 patents.
  • Institute for Neurosciences "Federico Olóriz": It employs researchers in research groups in 11 different departments (belonging to 4 faculties) in the University of Granada, and carries out multidisciplinary research including in vitro studies of neuronal cultures and sub-cellular fractions, in vivo studies on animals and clinical studies on humans.
  • Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology "José Mataix": It is a multidisciplinary Institute and its members come from different research backgrounds, mainly from the fields of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Physiology, Nutrition and Bromatology, Microbiology and the Teaching of Experimental Sciences. Its research activities are centered around different aspects of human nutrition and the design of functional and healthy foods. The Institute is structured around research groups and employs a total of 48 researchers. 
  • Institute of Biopathology and Regenerative Medicine: This institute has 20 primary researchers. Its research efforts concentrate on research in the following areas: Experimental Oncology, Radiotherapy, Radiobiology, Genic Therapy, Transplants, Regenerative Medicine, Primary Immunodeficiencies and the Pathogenesis of miscarriage. Its basic aims are to develop, strengthen and coordinate research in Immunopathology and Transplants, Regenerative Medicine and Cancer Pathology. 

The CIBM is also home to the Spanish National Stem Cell Bank (BANCELAN), the Andalusian Tumor Bank Networks Coordination Center and the DNA Bank.

More information cibm.ugr.es.

CIBM Services

  • Animal Experimentation Unit
  • Radioactive Unit
  • Microscopy and Microdissection
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Food Analysis Unit
  • Bioanalysis