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05.04.2019 13:40

Andalusian Government Proposes Sustainable Funding Model for Technology Parks

During a recent visit to the Granada Health Science Technological Park (PTS), Andalusia's Regional Minister of Finance, Knowledge, Business and Universities Rogelio Velasco suggested that the technology parks in Andalusia's eight provinces “should have a sustainable annual plan that takes cost and funding variables into account”, moving towards “a balanced investment-orientated model that will help boost relationships between companies”.

Andalusia's Regional Minister of Finance during his visit to Fidesol.

Speaking at the PTS, Rogelio Velasco explained that he plans to visit all of Andalusia's nine technology parks as he has “a keen interest in finding out about the work they do, because they are a driving force behind the growth and modernisation of the Andalusian economy”. He went on to say that the new regional government “is going to do everything it can to make sure the parks fulfil their potential and that new tech companies are established in them”.

Mr Velasco also said that “both the regional and provincial branches of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs and chambers of commerce have to increase their presence and productivity in the parks, as they have to encourage businesses to develop closer links with university researchers”.

During his visit to the PTS, Mr Velasco got a firsthand look at projects carried out by some of the 57 companies based in the BIC Granada Business Centre, an incubator for tech start-ups. He spoke about the need to design a new model to boost entrepreneurship and innovation in Andalusia, saying that it should consist of several phases, supporting new businesses from when they are first set up until they are well established and even considering international expansion.

BIC Granada was the first centre to open its doors in the PTS. Its aim is to support tech companies as they progress from the development stage to the market, helping to make this transition quicker and easier, and boosting their chances of success. BIC Granada also aims to become one of Europe's best locations to set up and consolidate a tech start-up working in the fields of life and health sciences. 

During his visit to the PTS, Mr Velasco was also shown around the offices of Fidesol, the Free Software R&D Foundation. This non-profit private enterprise aims to promote research and development of free software for the information and communication technologies sector.

Fidesol is based in the BIC Granada Business Centre, and is an R&D knowledge transfer hub. Over the last few years, its work has focused on big data, the internet of things and virtual interaction technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality and gamification.