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02.04.2019 13:59

Close Collaboration for PTS Researchers

The Granada Health Science Technological Park (PTS) recently played host to the first ever PTS Researchers’ Conference, which aimed to provide PTS-based researchers with an opportunity to network and share their knowledge and experience. The event was attended by almost 500 people from the University of Granada's Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Health Sciences, the University Hospital, and various foundations and companies based in the PTS, which specialises in the life and health sciences sector.

Opening session of the first PTS Researchers’ Conference.

According to Francisco Vives, director of the Biomedical Research Centre and main organiser of the PTS Researchers’ Conference, the event “was a success not just because it was well-attended, but because of the quality of the papers presented. All of the event's objectives were met and we plan to hold the conference every two years so that PTS-based institutions can continue to collaborate and exchange information.”

Francisco Vives expanded on the objectives met by the conference, which consisted of a series of talks and panel discussions, saying that attendees had the opportunity to meet fellow PTS-based workers, research centres were able to share knowledge and experiences, and new research partnerships could be forged. Attendees were also able to share details of new projects in the pipeline with a view to setting up joint projects, and PTS researchers and companies were able to explore collaboration opportunities.

“The PTS has grown and matured a lot,” said Francisco Vives, “but there's been a problem in the way it has developed: the different research centres have grown inwards, and haven't forged connections with each other. We want this conference to be the first step towards everyone who works at the PTS getting to know one another, creating as many future partnerships and joint projects as possible.”

Mr Vives went on to say that it was a good decision to develop a research park specialising in life and health sciences and promoting the Granada Health brand. “Health technology is the technology of the past, present and future, and it will always be the most important technology for us. It is helping us to create lots of new companies that are revitalising business in Granada and the surrounding area,” he said.

“All the research centres that took part in the conference carry out top-quality research and are home to internationally renowned researchers,” Francisco Vives continued. “Many of us aren't even aware that many of the technologies we need and think can only be learned in far-flung universities are actually being developed in the building next door. The aim of this conference is to solve this problem, to help us get to know each other so we can create permanent partnerships.”

The PTS Researchers’ Conference was organised by the University of Granada, whose vice-chancellor spoke at the opening session; the PTS Andalusian Public Foundation, part of Andalusia's Regional Ministry of Finance, Knowledge, Business and Universities; and savings bank Caja Rural de Granada, amongst other institutions.