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03.05.2017 12:18

New Green Spaces for PTS.

A number of green spaces covering a total area of 117,000 m2 are currently under development in the Granada Health Science Technological Park (PTS). The planted areas will be split between: 80,000 m2 of landscaped verges along the Ronda Sur bypass, from the new Los Cármenes football stadium to close to Armilla; 20,000 m2 divided between two squares for public use inside the PTS itself as well as along access roads and paths; and a further 17,000 m2 alongside other roads and roundabouts.

The new green spaces in the PTS will be finished in 2018.

The green spaces will combine to form the largest park in the city of Granada. The park will be home to 4,000 trees fitted with remote geolocation monitoring equipment, so park maintenance staff can find out if the trees have any problems or are in good condition. Allergy-friendly trees have been selected, so species like cypresses and plane trees will not be included. 1,100 ornamental trees, 2,700 conifers and 5,500 rose bushes along with several types of hedges have also been planted.

The two public squares will include play areas for children as well as enclosed areas for dogs. In addition, 3 km of paths will be developed and 120 smart street lamps, which adjust their brightness based on the amount of natural light available, will be installed.

The green spaces project is being funded by the Autonomous Government of Andalusia's Innovation and Development Agency (IDEA) with a budget of a little over 2.2 million euros. The park is expected to open to the public in spring 2018. Over the course of the last 9 months, earthworks have been completed, paving laid and street furniture installed. The water supply network, irrigation systems, planters, lighting and other elements have also been installed.

In the words of PTS Foundation managing director Jesús Quero, "development of the PTS grounds began in 2005 and is almost complete. Over the last 12 years, the IDEA agency has invested 26.5 million euros and the PTS Foundation a further 10.8 million. The only thing left to do was finish off the surroundings of the PTS and that is almost finished. Together, the new green spaces and launch of the new tram line will help the people of Granada get to know this part of the city a little better."