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López-Neyra Parasitology and Biomedicine Institute (IPBLN)

The López-Neyra Parasitology and Biomedicine Institute (IPBLN) is linked to the Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and its activity is devoted to research in the area of biomedical sciences. The fields of research cover a wide range of issues concerning immunology, cell biology, molecular biology and pharmacology of important world-wide biomedical problems. Since the foundation, nearly forty years ago, the IPBLN has broadened its spectrum of research projects, becoming a modern, well-equipped institute involved in both basic and applied biomedical research. The research staff is on continuous growth, increasing in number of group leaders and expanding its capabilities for resource acquisition and scientific production. 

It is organized in three departments:

The institute is located in the PTS Granada. This privileged location provides an appropriate environment to stimulate the interaction among different institutions and private entities interested in Health Sciences, including basic and applied research, health care, University education and transferring of knowledge to the productive sector. 

More Information at http://www.ipb.csic.es

Email: direccion.ipbln@csic.es

IPBLN Services

The services provided by the IPLBN core facilities are available not only to the personnel of the Institute, but also to the general scientific community. These are some of the most important:

More information at http://www.ipb.csic.es/servicios/facilities.html