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Fundación IAVANTE

Iavante is Line Acquisition and Professional Competency Assessment Progress and Health Foundation belonging to the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the Government of Andalusia. Its mission is to facilitate and promote comprehensive development and professional training, through the most innovative methodologies such as learning simulation.
The headquarters of Granada is CMAT Iavante Line, Advanced Multifunctional Simulation and Technological Innovation, located in the Park Tecnoloógico Health Sciences.
CMAT is the epitome of innovation in medical training. Is healthcare simulation center where Iavante combines the most advanced simulation methodologies and test new technologies applied to training and health. This makes for a unique center in Europe.
Jointly funded by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and FEDER funds, CMAT was inaugurated by the President of the Junta de Andalucía, Manuel Chaves in 2004.

Highly realistic scenarios

CMAT has training areas differentiated by physical space where the "patient" at every stage of the healthcare process in which the student will train. Professionals can train in urban areas, home care, emergency or scheduled visits, operating rooms equipped with the latest technology, cleanroom (GMP) and critical care area with robots and virtual simulators.

Innovative methodologies

In addition to the training areas containing healthcare simulation center, training in Iavante highlighted by the application of innovative methodologies such spaces as robotics simulation, virtual simulation, the simulation stage, the video analysis, and experimental surgery e-training.
All these methodologies are used individually or in combination depending on the needs required for each competition aiming the professional faces highly realistic situations to improve their skills and relational techniques.
For more information:
• Web: www.iavante.es
• Customer service and communication: comunicacion.iavante@iavante.es
• Economic and financial department: atencionaproveedores.fps@juntadeandalucia.es
• Training: entrenamiento@iavante.es
• Evaluation and selection: evaluacion_seleccion@iavante.es

Address: Health Technology Park.

Avenida de la Investigación 21, 18016. Granada. España.

Phone: +34 958 00 22 50. Fax: +34 958 00 22 51

Contact: desarrollocomercial.iavante.fps@juntadeandalucia.es